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Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Sean Collier Penn State PhD candidate 3/21/2022 An Introduction to Phase-Based Video Vibration Processing
Dr. Yi Wang University of South Carolina 4/4/2022 Parametric Aeroelastic Reduced Order Models with State Consistence Enforcement
Dr. John Cormack University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 4/18/2022 Diffracting and Nonlinear Shear Wave Propagation in Transversely Isotropic Soft Tissue
Kiran Govindswamy Senior Vice President at FEV's North American Technical Center 4/22/2022 NVH Aspects of Electric Drive Unit Development and Vehicle Integration
Chaitanya Bakre Penn State PhD Candidate 4/29/2022 Fully Noncontact Laser Ultrasound System and Methods for Monitoring Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes
Dr. Mark Miller Penn State Aerospace Engineering 5/5/2022 Accessing the Acoustics of High Reynolds Number Systems Using Anechoic Pressure Testing


Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Yang Yu Penn State 12/7/2021 Physics-Guided Machine Learning for Data-Driven Modeling and Discovery of Dynamic Systems
Mehdi Kiani Penn State 11/16/2021 Advanced Biomedical Interfaces with Innovative Integrated Circuits and Systems
Ted Worden Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division 5/11/2021 Aeroacoustic Characteristics of Supersonic Impinging Jets
Roland Platz Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Germany 5/6/2021 Approaches for Semi-Active and Active State Control in Structural Dynamics under Uncertainty
Andrea Arguelles Penn State Engineering Science and Mechanics 4/28/2021 Ultrasound Beyond Imaging: Quantitative Tools for Materials Characterization
Hong Chen Washington University in St. Louis 4/14/2021 Targeting the Brain with Focused Ultrasound
Yun Jing Penn State Graduate Program in Acoustics 4/1/2021 Bilayer Phononic and Photonic Graphene: A New Playground for Twistronics
Daning Huang Penn State Aerospace Engineering 2/23/2021 Surrogate and Reduced-Order Modeling for Enabling Efficient Aerothermoelastic Design and Analysis of Hypersonic Structures


Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Ryan Blessington Penn State M.S. Student 8/5/2020 Investigation of a Passive Balancer for VTOL Aircraft Rotor Systems
Dr. Stephen Hambric Penn State CAV 7/15/2020 Fantastic Vibroacoustic Resources and Where to Find Them
Dr. Jackie O’Connor Penn State Mechanical Engineering 6/19/2020 Introducing the Penn State Center for Gas Turbine Research, Education, and Outreach
Dr. Vamshi Krishna Chillara Los Alamos National Lab 2/19/2020 Acoustic Collimated Beam (ACCObeam) Source for Imaging through Attenuating Materials: Application to Borehole Integrity Monitoring
Dr. Jennifer Cooper Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab 2/6/2020 Impact of Salinity on Predicted Transmission Loss and Predicting Errors through Machine Learning


Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Dr. Tim Brungart Penn State 12/6/2019 The Control of Quadcopter Propeller Noise
Dr. Xin Ying Penn State 12/4/2019 Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanics of Flexible Electronics for Highly Deformable Structures
Dr. Chris Kube Penn State 11/18/2019 Advancing The Science of Metallic Additive Manufacturing Through Ultrasonic Characterization Of Laser-Generated Melt Pools
Dr. Kostas Papakonstantinou Penn State 11/13/2019 Optimum Life-Cycle Policies and Value of Structural Monitoring Quantification with POMDPs and Deep Reinforcement Learning
Dr. Omar Alakran NC State 11/4/2019 Capacitave Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers on Glass Substrates for Imaging, Sensing, and Therapy
Dr. Ying-Tsong Lin Woods Hole 10/28/2019 Three-Dimensional Shallow Water Acoustics
Dr. Michael Bianco UC San Diego 10/23/2019 Introduction To Machine Learning in Aoustics: Theory and Applications
Eric Bechhoefer GPMS, Inc. 10/21/2019 Health and Usage Monitoring Systems Return on Investment: Making the Business Case for HUMS
Dr. Huageng Luo Xiamen University, China 10/4/2019 Physics-based Data Analytics and Its Application in Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring
Dr. Jayant Sirohi University of Texas at Austin 4/12/2019 Wind Energy Harvesting from Galloping
Dr. Jason Anderson Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division 4/8/2019 Airfoil Shape Effects on Force and Sound Response to Incident Turbulent Flows
Dr. Stanislav Emelianov Georgia Tech 3/20/2019 The Smaller the Better – Isn’t that Obvious? (Research in Ultrasound)
Dr. Stephen Hambric Penn State 1/9/2019 To Infinity and Beyond: The Amazing Uses of Infinite Structure Mobility Theory


Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Dr. Jackie O’Connor Penn State 12/10/2018 Swirling Flow Instabilities and their Applications to Gas Turbine Engines
Dr. Joe Rose Penn State 12/5/2018 Avoiding Infrastructure Catastrophic Failure with Ultrasonic Guided Wave Inspection
Dr. Yousof Azizi Bridgestone 11/7/2018 Automotive Systems Noise and Vibration and Application of Lightweight Sandwich Structures
Dr. Tim Hall University of Michigan 10/12/2018 Instrumentation for Histotripsy Ultrasound Therapy
Dr. Eric Greenwood NASA Langley Research Center 10/9/2018 Rotorcraft Aeroacoustic Modeling using Parameter Identification Methods
Dr. John Tague Office of Naval Research 9/25/2018 The US Navy’s Submarine Force: Platforms, Missions, Technology
Dr. Nhan Nguyen NASA Ames Research Center 4/18/2018 Performance Adaptive Aeroelastic Wing Technology for Aircraft Drag Optimization and Aeroelastic Control
Stacy Sidle University of Maryland Ph.D. Candidate 4/10/2018 Investigation of Engine-Airframe Vibration Due to Main Rotor HUB Loads using a Substructuring Framework
Dr. Andrew Barnard Michigan Tech 4/6/2018 Multi-Modal and Short-Range Transmission Loss in Ice-Covered, Near-Short Arctic Waters
Dr. Nathan Alexander Virginia Tech 3/26/2018 Acoustic Beamforming and Measurements of Turbulence Ingestion Noise in the VT Stability Wind Tunnel
Dr. Jeffrey Vipperman University of Pittsburgh 3/20/2018 Design of Broadband, Non-singular Cloaks of Homogenous Materials using Multi-Transform Methods
Dr. Matthew Urban The Mayo Clinic 3/13/2018 Ultrasound-Based Wave Propagation Techniques for Elastographic Characterization of Soft Tissues
Dean Scott Sommerfeldt Brigham Young University 2/6/2018 Global Active Control of Sound and Vibration


Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Dr. Michael Jonson Penn State 12/1/2017 Methods of Obtaining Radiated Sound Power from Underwater Turbomachinery with Reverberant Environments
Dr. Ravi Rajamani drR2 Consulting 11/29/2017 The Role of Standards in the Development of PHM in Aerospace
Dr. Arthur Hornbach Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation 11/13/2017 Deep Submergence Sonar
Dr. Aimy Wissa University of Illinois 11/6/2017 Bioinspired Adaptive Systems for Aerial and Terrestrial Locomotion
Dr. Matthew Allen University of Wisconsin-Madison 10/13/2017 An Introduction to Interface Modeling and Reduction in Structural Dynamics
Dr. Paris Von Lockette Penn State 4/18/2017 The Magneto-Active Composites and Structures (MACS) Lab at PSU
Dr. Raj Kothapalli Penn State 4/3/2017 Photoacoustic Imaging of Mice and Men
Dr. Benjamin Beck Penn State 3/28/2017 Formulation and Comparison of Modal Analysis tools: Poly Reference Estimation vs. Singular Value Decomposition Approaches
Michael Roemer Penn State 3/20/2017 Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Statistical Classifiers for the Detection and Classification of Control Valve Blockages
Kalki Sharma Penn State 3/15/2017 Incorporating Acoustic Assessment into the Design and Analysis of Rotorcraft
Dr. Sheri L. Martinelli Penn State 2/23/2017 Numerical Simulation of Acoustic Wavefronts Propagating in an Uncertain Environment


Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Brian Reinhardt Penn State 12/5/2016 Sensors in Nuclear Reactors
Dr. Marcias Martinez Clarkson University 11/11/2016 Aircraft Life Extension
Dr. Oliver Robin University of Sherbrooke 11/8/2016 SA Reverb + TL
Dr. JohnPaul Abbott National Institute of Standards and Technology 10/19/2016 Wind Noise Reduction
Dr. Julianna Simon University of Washington (until December 2016)
Penn State (January 2017)
10/17/2016 Ultrasonic Management of Kidney Stones
Dr. Brian Anderson Brigham Young University 4/13/2016 Time Reversal for Energy Fluid and Elastic Media
Dr. Steven Cummer Duke University 4/8/2016 Cloaking Sound and Light with Metamaterials
William Welsh Sikorsky 4/6/2016 Helicopter Dynamics Fantasies (and some realities)
Grant Skidmore Penn State Applied Research Laboratory 3/23/2016 The Mitigation of Pulsation in Ventilated Supercavities
Dr. Daniel Russell Penn State 2/10/2016 Explaining Ping and Sting: Acoustics and Vibration of Baseball Bats and Other Sports Equipment
Dr. Charles Holland Penn State Applied Research Laboratory 1/7/2016 Evidence for a Common Scale 0.1m that Controls Seabed Scattering and Reverberation in Shallow Water


Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Kenneth Ledford Penn State 12/7/2015 Acoustic Monitoring of Femtosecond Laser Ablation
Dr. Kwang Kim University of Pittsburgh 11/20/2015 Photoacoustics Imaging Using Novel Contrast Agents
Christopher Lyman U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research 11/16/2015 Zero Maintance Aircraft Initiative
Dr. Jason Van Velso Integrity Associates, Inc. 11/13/2015 The Present and Future Roles of NDE and SHM in the Power Generation Industry
Dr. Massimo Ruzzene Georgia Institute of Technology 11/11/2015 Metamaterials and Periodic Lattices for Wave and Vibration Control
Dr. Brian Mace University of Auckland, New Zealand 6/15/2015 Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics and Application to Spot-Welded Structures
Dr. Leonard Lopes NASA Langley Research Center 4/17/2015 Mixed-Fidelity Aircraft Noise Prediction: Progress Toward a Unified Prediction Framework
Dr. Andrew Morrison Joliet Junior College 3/3/2015 Time Resolved Interferometry and Phase Vocoder Analysis of a Caribbean Steelpan
Dr. Kyle Sinding Penn State 3/4/2015 Spray-on Transducers: A Technological Advancement in Structural Health Monitoring
Dr. Mark Wochner AdBm Technologies 3/2/2015 From Basic Research to Start-up: The Development and Commercialization of University Based Research
Dr. Carr Everbach Swarthmore College 1/23/2015 Biomedical Ultrasound: Not “Just Sonar”


Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Dr. Parisa Sholouhi Penn State 12/15/2014 Fusion of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Data
Dr. Kenneth Brenter Penn State 12/8/2014 Rotor Source Noise Prediction and Challenges of Rotor Noise Reduction and Abatement
Dr. Micah Shepherd Penn State Applied Research Laboratory 12/5/2014 Reducing the Noise Radiated by a Pressurized, Ribbed Panel Using Structural-Acoustic Optimization
Dr. Peter Newman Penn State 12/3/2014 Conserving Acoustic Environments in Protected Natural Areas
Tim Waters ISVR – University of Southampton 11/12/2014 Modelling Piezo-Actuated Structural Waves for the Prediction of Ultrasonic De-Icing Performance
Dr. Jonathan Keller National Renewable Energy Laboratory 9/15/2014 Wind Turbine Testing and Research at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Giulio Molinari ETH Zurich doctoral candidate 9/12/2014 Design and Realization of a Compliant Adaptable Wing
Professor Jae-Hung Han Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 4/25/2014 Flight Dynamics Characteristics of Flapping Wing Vehicles
Mr. Bryan Glaz U.S. Army RDECOM 4/24/2014 Selected Topics in Nonlinear Aerodynamics and Structural Dynamics in Support of Next-Generation Army Aviation
Dr. Jason Philtron (Bostron) Penn State 4/22/2014 A Guided Wave Phased Array Sensor Tuning for Improved Defect Detection and Characterization
Dr. Alper Erturk Georgia Institute of Technology 4/18/2014 Electroelastic Dynamical Systems for Energy Harvesting and Bio-Inspired Locomotion
Dr. Kent Gee Brigham Young University 4/17/2014 A Tale of Scale: Spersonic Jet Noise from the Laboratory through Explosive Volcanoes
Dr. Sarah McGuire University of Pennsylvania 4/14/2014 Evaluation and Modeling the Impact of Aircraft Noise on Sleep
Ms. Xiaoning Xi Penn State 4/4/2014 NDE of Composite Biopolymer Material at Nanoscale by AFM Based Nanoindentification and SAM
Mr. Jeffrey Fullerton Acentech Incorporated 2/25/2014 A Day in the Life of a Consultant
Mr. Shawn Anderson Fisher Valves 1/22/2014 Control Valve Health Monitoring and Prognostics


Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Dr. Samuel Pinson French Naval Academy, France 12/16/ 2013 Seafloor Sound-Speed Profile and Interface Dip Angle Characterization by the Image Source Method
Dr. Steve Hambric Penn State 12/10/2013 Calculating Structural Vibration and Stress from Turbulent Flow Induced Forces
Dr. Peretz Friedmann University of Michigan 10/25/2013 On Blade Control of Rotor Vibration, Noise and Performance – Just Around the Corner?
Dr. Timothy Walsh Sandia National Laboratories 10/4/2013 A Massively Parallel Finite Element Capability for Forward and Inverse Structural Acoustics Simulations
Dr. Hans DeSmidt University of Tennessee 9/24/2013 Automatic Balancing of Rotor Systems via Passive Nonlinear Devices
Dr. Richard Raspet University of Mississippi 9/13/2013 Inert Gas-Condensing Vapor Thermoacoustics: Refrigeration
Dr. Keith Wilson U.S. Army 6/18/2013 Lloyd’s Mirror and the Predictability of Sound Propagation Outdoors
Mr. Brian Reinhard Penn State 4/19/2013 Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation
Mr. Matthew V. Golden Scantek, Inc. 4/11/2013 Theory and Application of Acoustical Beamforming Using the Norsonic Nor848 Acoustical Camera
Dr. Timothy Brungart Penn State 4/4/2013 Fan Noise
Dr. Karl Sweitzer Booz Allen Hamilton 22 March 2013 Random Vibration Stress Response Fatigue Analysis: Theorectical Background and Currect Research
Dr. Norman Wereley University of Maryland 3/19/2013 Adaptive Energy Absorption Systems Using Magnetorheological Fluids


Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Robert Cyphers Penn State 12/7/2012 Research on Low Frequency Composite Transducers Fabricated Using a Sol-gel Spray-On Method
Dr. Michael Roemer Impact Technologies, a Sikorsky Aircraft Company 12/4/2012 High Frequency Vibration Monitoring for Engine Component Prognosis
Dr. Mathias Basner University of Pennsylvania 11/30/2012 Aircraft Noise Effects on Sleep and Health
Dr. Marcelo Dapino Ohio State 11/29/2012 Emerging Technologies for Fabrication and Design of Adaptive Structures
Dr. Hugo Camargo and Dr. James K. Thompson NOISH 11/9/2012 Longwall Noise control Developement and Hearing Loss Prevention Brand Overview
Grant Skidmore Penn State 11/8/2012 Presentation of Preliminary Findings on Pulsation of Ventilated Supercavities
Dr. Paris Von Lockette Penn State 4/26/2012 Actuation via Magnetic Torque Generation in Magnetorheological Elastomers
Matthew Rigdon Penn State 4/24/2012 Identifying Patterns of Usage from Vehicle Sensor Data
Dr. Noureddine Atalla Sherbrooke University 4/13/2012 Practical Modeling of the Vibroacoustics Response of Structures with Attached Noise Control Materials
Dr. Sung Nam Jung Konkuk Universit 4/5/2012 Rotorcraft Research Activities at Konkuk University, Focusing on HART II Validation Work
Dr. William Blake U.S. Navy, retired 3/28/2012 Flow Noise from Fluid-Loaded Elastic Surfaces with Distributed Irregularities
Cliff Searfass Penn State 3/15/2012 Fabrication and Characterization of Bismuth Titanate Thick Films Fabricated Using a Spray-On Deposition Technique for High Temperature Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Evaluation
Dr. Thomas Howarth U.S. Navy Underwater Warfare Center 2/9/2012 Acoustic Metamaterials


Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Scott Pflumm Penn State 12/9/2011 Utilizing a Dynamic Fuel Pressure Sensor for Detecting Failure Modes in Cummins Pressure Time (PT) Fuel Pumps
Dr. Allan Pierce Boston University 12/7/2011 Low Frequency Behavior of Sandy and Muddy Sediments
Dr. Philippe Blanc-Benon École Centrale de Lyon, France 11/30/2011 Propagation of Nonlinear N-Waves in Fully Developed Turbulence: Laboratory Scale Experiments and Theoretical Analysis
Dan Palumbo NASA Langley Research Center 10/24/2011 Topics on the Wall Pressure of the Turbulent Boundary Layer
Dr. Cornel Sultan Virginia Tech 10/21/2011 Tensegrity Structures Design for Control, Energy Harvesting, and Deployment
Sam Diaquilla BASWAphon 10/10/2011 Marketing Acoustical Consulting
Dr. Jose Palacios Penn State 4/25/2011 Low-Power, Non-Thermal Ultrasonic De-icing System for Helicopter Rotor Blades
Dr. Zoubeida Ounaies Penn State 4/14/2011 Research in the Electroactive Materials Characterization Laboratory
David Parks Penn State 3/29/2011 Piezoelectric Material to Perform Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Evaluation within an Operating Reactor Core
Dr. Bart Lipkens Western New England College 3/14/2011 On the Use of Acoustophoresisin Ultrasonic Standing Waves for Particle Separation
Dr. Brian Elbing Penn State Applied Research Lab 2/28/2011 Acoustic Measurements of Drag Reduced Turbulent Boundary Layer Flows
Anthony Seman III Office of Naval Research 2/17/2011 Ship Systems and Machinery Health Monitoring and Control


Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Chad Smith Penn State M.S. Student 12/8/2010 Shallow Water Aacoustics
Dr. Sven Schmitz Penn State 12/6/2010 Wind Turbines
Dr. Michael Krane Penn State Applied Research Lab 12/1/2010 Aeroacoustics of Human Speech Sound Production
Dr. Ephrahim Garcia Rensaeler Polytechnic Institute 11/19/2010 Energy Harvesting Systems
Ben Faber Faber Acoustics 10/18/2010 Vibro-Acoustic Measurements on iPhones
Dr. Liang-Wu Cai Kansas State 9/15/2010 Phononic Materials
Dr. Jose Sanchez-Dehesa Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain 5/27/2010 Acoustic Metamaterials
Kate Boudreau Penn State M.S. Student 5/14/2010 Biodiesel Quality based on Acoustic Measurements
Dr. Andrew Barnard and Dr. Amanda Hanford Penn State Applied Research Lab 4/26/2010 Targeted High Output Responder (THOR) Speaker Array
Dr. Raj Singh Ohio State 4/16/2010 Gearbox Noise and Nonlinearities
Dr. Keith Wilson U.S. Army ERDC-CRREL 3/29/2010 Uncertainty in Outdoor Sound Propagation


Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Topic
Dr. Kirsten Duffy NASA Glenn Research Center 12/16/2009 Damping of Jet Engine Blades
Dr. Scott Morris Notre Dame 11/5/2009 Acoustic Analysis of Ducted Rotors


The Center for Acoustics and Vibration performs basic and applied research in vibration and acoustics, supports graduate education, and transfers technology to U.S. industry and government. The center includes faculty, graduate students, and staff in laboratories throughout the College of Engineering and at the Applied Research Lab. These laboratories perform both disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research in areas related to acoustics and vibration.

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