Rotorcraft Acoustics and Dynamics

The mission of the Rotorcraft Acoustics and Dynamics Technical Group is to conduct basic and applied research on technical problems of specific importance to rotary-wing vechicles such as helicopters and tiltrotor aircraft. Due to the highly multidisciplinary nature of rotorcraft systems, many of our projects involve research teams consisting of members from several different CAV technical groups. Current research thrusts and technical interests include analytical and experimental rotor aeroacoustics, cabin noise reduction, modeling and characterization of elastomeric materials, innovative applications of composite structures, advanced rotor design concepts, dynamics of shipborne rotorcraft, manufacturing technologies for dynamic components, and powertrain system technologies.

Research Topics

  • Analytical modeling and experimental characterization of elastomeric materials for helicopter rotor lag dampers
  • Tailored composite blades for enhanced aeromechanical stability, vibration reduction, and vehicle performance improvements
  • Modeling of transient rotor response in a shipboard airwake environment
  • Development of coupled aeroelastic/aeroacoustic analyses for advanced rotor systems
  • Concurrent design and manufacturing technologies for elastically tailored and adaptive composite blades
  • Thermomechanical finishing of precision gears for high performance, low noise, high strength helicopter transmission systems

Contact Information

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Dr. Ed Smith



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