Structural Vibration and Acoustics

The mission of the Structural Vibration and Acoustics Technical Group is to better understand the mechanisms of vibration generation and propagation in structures and the interaction of structural vibrations with acoustic media, and to develop novel methodologies for the analysis, measurement, and control of structural vibrations and radiated noise.

Research Topics

  • Structural vibration measurements, including experimental modal analysis, and simulations with finite element and boundary element modeling
  • Acoustic and structural intensity simulations and measurements, including the use of intensity as a structural health monitoring metric
  • Vibro-acoustics of composite structures, including Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRPs) and honeycomb core sandwich panels
  • Acoustic Black Holes in structures for reducing vibration and sound radiation
  • Passive and active vibration and noise control technologies
  • Machinery and powertrain vibration and noise
  • Vibroacoustics of sports equipment

Contact Information

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Dr. Steve Hambric

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