Propagation and Radiation

The mission of the Propagation and Radiation Technical Group is to develop a new understanding of how sound is generated and propagated in realistic environments, to translate this understanding into techniques for making decisions about the use and control of sound, and for making inferences about sources and the environment, and to apply this understanding to the design of devices and systems.

Research Topics

  • Sonic boom propagation through realistic atmospheric conditions and into the ocean
  • Using acoustic tomography through the oceans to measure global warming
  • Scattering of sound from structures with imprecisely known properties
  • Superposition techniques for the prediction of sound radiation from vibrating structures
  • Using acoustic tomography to inver micrometeorological features of the lower atmosphere
  • Scattering of sound from the bubble layer under the sea surface
  • Effects of seabed inhomogenenities on propagation in shallow water
  • Near-field acoustical holography
  • Computational methods in propagation and radiation

Contact Information

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Dr. Vic Sparrow



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