International Liaisons and Visitors

Acoustics and vibration is an international field of study, with many strong groups at universities and institutions throughout the world. The CAV has established several international liaisons to encourage the exchange of faculty and students. Our liaisons also send representatives to our annual workshops, presenting their latest research. Below is the current list of international liaisons.

The CAV also hosts international visitors who are interested in collaborating with our faculty and students on research projects. We have hosted many visiting scholars over the years from Europe and Asia. If you are interested in spending some time at the CAV in the future, please contact us.



The Center for Acoustics and Vibration performs basic and applied research in vibration and acoustics, supports graduate education, and transfers technology to U.S. industry and government. The center includes faculty, graduate students, and staff in laboratories throughout the College of Engineering and at the Applied Research Lab. These laboratories perform both disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research in areas related to acoustics and vibration.

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