Center for Acoustics and Vibration

Workshops, Short Courses, and Seminars

Spring Workshop

Presentations at the CAV workshop

Each Spring, the CAV holds its technology transfer workshop - a two day event held at Penn State attended by our corporate sponsors, international liaisons, US government liaisons, and Penn State CAV faculty and students. The workshop is a mix of technical presentations by faculty, students, corporate sponsors, and international and US government liaisons, along with lab tours and social activities. The workshop also gives our corporate sponsors an opportunity to provide feedback on CAV activities and performance.

This year’s CAV Spring workshop was held 29-30 April 2014 and featured:

  • Talks from our 8 CAV technical groups, 7 international liaisons, and some of our new and old sponsors. The final agenda is available here.
  • Panel discussions on Sound Propagation in Air and Water, and on Effects of vibration and sound on humans and animals
  • Our third annual student poster competition.
  • A one day short course on Vibration and Noise Control, given by Marty Alexander of Bruel and Kjaer, on 1 May 2014.
  • Tour and ribbon cutting of the new and improved CAV anechoic room, by Dr. Michelle Vigeant

The workshop was attended by over 50 corporate sponsors, government liaisons, and international liaisons, as well as over 60 Penn State faculty and students.

Below are links to the 2014 presentations for the CAV groups (including the workshop agenda):

There were also several special presentations from our corporate sponsors and international and government liaisons:

Finally, other Penn State topics were highlighted:

Short Courses

Periodically, the CAV sponsors short courses in CAV disciplines. Usually, we schedule the short courses before or after our Spring Workshop so that our corporate sponsors are best able to attend them. This year, Marty Alexander of Bruel and Kjaer gave a short course on Vibration and Noise Control on 1 May 2014. Sponsors and liaisons may send one person to the course at no charge. The fee for additional registrants is $600. Past short courses have included:

  • Flow Noise (by Phil Morris and Tim Brungart)
  • Fundamentals of Sound and Vibration Measurements (by Chris Barber)
  • Digital Signal Processing (by Karl Reichard)
  • Shock and Vibration Testing (by Joe Testa of Unholtz-Dickie)
  • Statistical Energy Analysis (by Evan Davis of Boeing)
  • Structural Health Monitoring (by Karl Reichard and Jeff Banks)
  • Turbomachinery Noise (by Wolfgang Neise of DLR)
  • Active Control of Sound and Vibration (by Phil Nelson and Steve Elliott of ISVR)
  • Structure-borne sound (by the late Manfred Heckl)


CAV lunch seminar

Each semester, each CAV technical group hosts a lunchtime seminar. CAV members, as well as outside guests from other universities, government agencies, or industry, give technical talks on topics of interest to the CAV community.

These talks are available to our corporate sponsors via the videoconferencing capability housed in the Penn State Graduate Program in Acoustics classroom. We announce the talks to our members and corporate sponsors about a week in advance, and provide videoconferencing access information to our corporate sponsors. We have also established an archive of past talks that are accessable only to our members.