Center for Acoustics and Vibration

Labs and Facilities

The CAV Structural Dynamics Lab

The CAV has several labs and test facilities, and a wide range of vibro-acoustic data acquisition systems and instrumentation, including the following.

  • The Sound Transmission Loss Test Facility, comprised of a reverberant chamber (5.7 m W x 6.7 m L x 3.5 m H) adjacent to an anechoic chamber (4.3 m W x 6.1 m L x 3.4 m H). The chambers share a common wall with a 1 square meter opening.
  • The Sound Perception and Room Acoustics Lab
  • A reverberant water tank (8.7 m W x 6.9 m L x 5.5 m H), used for assessing underwater vibro-acoustic behavior
  • The jet noise anechoic test facility, which may be used to make forward flight jet noise measurements
  • The Ultrasonics Research and Development Lab, used to measure very high frequency wave propagation in plates, pipes, and multi-layer structures

Lab Instrumentation and Equipment Manager

Keith Miska is now managing the CAV lab's equipment and other resources. If you'd like to use any of the CAV's instrumentation or equipment, please email Keith.