Center for Acoustics and Vibration


Research in acoustics and vibration is one of Penn State's enduring strengths. The steady growth of research in acoustics and vibration in recent years establishes the Penn State program as the largest and most respected of its kind at a major research university. The Center for Acoustics and Vibration (CAV), housed in the Penn State College of Engineering, ensures the continued excellence of acoustics and vibration research in the new millennium.

The CAV has three missions:

  • to strengthen basic and applied research in related engineering areas;
  • to foster graduate education in acoustics and vibration engineering; and
  • to provide a base for technology transfer to industry.

The center consists of faculty, graduate students, and staff in nine laboratories throughout the College of Engineering. These laboratories perform both disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research in areas related to acoustics and vibration. Areas of research activity include: active control, adaptive structures, flow-induced noise and vibration, structural health monitoring, propagation and radiation, rotorcraft acoustics and dynamics, structural vibration and acoustics, and underwater acoustics and instrumentation.

News and Upcoming Events

Please join us in congratulating Karen Thal, our CAV coordinator, on her 25 years of service to Penn State and the CAV!

Please welcome these new CAV sponsors:

This year's CAV Spring Workshop will be held 25-26 April 2017 at the Nittany Lion Inn. This year's agenda features the usual talks from our 8 CAV groups, as well as updates from 8 international liaisons, 2 corporate sponsors, 1 government sponsor, and a special forum on Transition of Acoustic Metamaterials to Industry.

To reserve a room at the Nittany Lion Inn for the workshop, phone 814-865-8500 and reference the code 'CAVD17A'. Instead of our usual post-workshop short course, we will instead host the 2nd International Workshop on Flow Induced Noise and Vibration - Issues and Aspects (FLINOVIA II). Over 30 talks, half from International speakers, are scheduled. The workshop is co-sponsored by International Institute for Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE) and the Penn State Institute for CyberScience. Admission is free to all CAV members, including corporate and government sponsors and our International liaisons.

We continue to update our searchable database of Penn State PhD and MS theses in Acoustics and Vibration, which is now available to our members. You can find links to PDFs of many of the theses in the database. We will continue to add other theses as students graduate.

George Lesieutre

George Lesieutre, Associate Dean for Research in the College of Engineering and former Chair of Aerospace Engineering, directs the CAV.

Steve Hambric

Steve Hambric, a Senior Scientist at the Applied Research Lab at Penn State, is the associate director of the CAV. Steve is also a Professor in the Penn State Graduate Program in Acoustics.

Karen Thal

Karen Thal is our CAV coordinator, and also serves as coordinator for the Graduate Program in Acoustics.